How To Find Resources In ICARUS


There are many different resources in ICARUS and there are different ways to find them, some of them can only be harvested by your level and others are just harvested from the ground.
The most important thing in ICARUS is to have Oxygen, Water, and Food so you can survive.

Plants and tree

U can find different plants on the ground and you can gather them with your hands. Many of the fruit or vegetables can be eaten raw or be cooked. You can use some of the vegetables to plant in crop plots and get some more of them or use them for medicine.
Here you find a list of the different plants you can find.

Cocoa SeedReed FlowerWheat
Coffee BeanSoy BeanWild Berry
Gorse FlowerStickYeast

Animal Resources

Animal resources are gathered from dead animals and are used to craft and build different items, tools, and weapons. You can use a skinning bench to get more hides, bone, fur, and leather.
Here you find a list of the different animal resources you can get.



Minerals are gathered from caves or in the wood, some of them are easy to find like stone, oxite, sulfur, or silica because they can be found anywhere. Some of the ores can only be mined by your level. Minerals are used for many things to craft weapons, tools, and building parts. Here you find a list of the different minerals you can get.

Aluminum OreIceStone
CoalIron OreSulfur
Copper OreOxiteTitanium Ore
ExoticsPlatinum Ore
Gold OreSilica