How To Enable/Disable Weapon Slot HUD PUBG Battlegrounds

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Customizing the Weapon Slot HUD in PUBG Battlegrounds can help streamline your gaming experience by adjusting how information about your weapons is displayed. This can be particularly beneficial for improving gameplay efficiency and overall visual clarity.

  1. Open PUBG Battlegrounds Main Screen: Launch PUBG Battlegrounds and wait for the main menu.
  2. Access Settings: Click on the settings icon in the top right corner of the screen. This icon typically looks like a gear and is referred to as the System menu.
  3. Enter the Settings Menu: Once in the settings, find and click on the ‘Settings’ option.
  4. Select Gameplay Tab: Within the Settings menu, locate the ‘Gameplay’ tab and click on it.
  5. Navigate to Interface Options: Under the Gameplay tab, you should find an option for ‘Interface’. Click on this to access interface-related settings.
  6. Find Weapon Slot HUD Setting: In the Interface section, look for the ‘Weapon Slot HUD’ setting. This option controls the visibility and display style of your weapon slots on the HUD (Heads-Up Display).
  7. Enable or Disable the Setting: Here, you can choose to enable or disable the Weapon Slot HUD according to your preference.
  8. Apply Changes: After making your choice, remember to click ‘Apply’ to ensure that your changes are saved and implemented in the game.

Adjusting the Weapon Slot HUD settings in PUBG Battlegrounds is a simple yet effective way to customize your gaming interface. Whether you prefer a more minimalist display or need all information readily visible, these settings allow you to tailor the game to suit your playstyle and needs.