How To Enable/Disable Submenu Animation Header Builder Astra Theme

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Enhancing the user experience on your WordPress website can often be achieved through small, impactful changes, such as enabling or disabling submenu animations. If you’re using the Astra theme, you can easily control submenu animations through its Header Builder. Submenu animations add a dynamic feel to your site, making the navigation process more interactive and visually appealing. This guide will show you how to enable or disable submenu animations in the Astra theme, ensuring your site aligns with your desired user experience and design aesthetics.

  1. Log Into WordPress Backend: Begin by accessing your WordPress dashboard. This is the control center for managing all elements of your WordPress website.
  2. Navigate to Astra Settings: On the dashboard, locate the left-hand menu bar and click on ‘Astra’. This action will take you to the settings page specific to the Astra theme.
  3. Go to Theme Customizer: Within the Astra settings, find a link or button labeled ‘Go to Customizer’ and click on it. This will open the WordPress Customizer, where you can adjust various theme settings in a live preview mode.
  4. Access Header Builder: In the Customizer, locate and select ‘Header Builder’. The Header Builder is a feature of the Astra theme that allows extensive customization of your site’s header, including menu settings.
  5. Select Primary Menu: Within the Header Builder, click on ‘Primary Menu’. This is where you manage the settings for your main navigation menu.
  6. Open Design Settings: In the primary menu settings, find and click on the ‘Design’ tab. This tab contains various design-related options for your menu.
  7. Change Submenu Animation Setting: Look for the ‘SUBMENU CONTAINER’ section within the design settings. Here, locate the ‘Submenu Animation’ option. You can enable or disable the submenu animation according to your preference.
  8. Publish Your Changes: Once you have set the submenu animation to your liking, click on the ‘Publish’ button. This will apply your changes to the live version of your site.

Adjusting the submenu animation in the Astra theme is a straightforward process that can significantly impact the feel and functionality of your website. Whether you choose to enable or disable these animations, it’s important to consider how they contribute to the overall user experience. Always preview your changes on different devices and browsers to ensure they work as intended across all platforms.