How To Enable/Disable Smooth Scroll To ID Astra Theme

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The ‘Smooth Scroll to ID’ feature enhances the user experience on a website by providing a smooth and seamless transition when users click on links that navigate to different sections of the same page. In the Astra theme for WordPress, enabling or disabling this feature is a simple task. This guide will walk you through the steps to toggle the ‘Smooth Scroll to ID’ feature, allowing you to customize how users interact with your site’s navigation.

  1. Accessing WordPress Backend: Start by logging into the backend of your WordPress site. This is your control panel for managing your site’s settings and content.
  2. Navigating to Astra Settings: In your WordPress dashboard, find and click on ‘Astra’ in the left menu bar. This section contains settings specific to the Astra theme.
  3. Entering Theme Customizer: Click on ‘Astra’, and then choose ‘Customizer’ or ‘Go to Customizer’. The Theme Customizer is where you can make various adjustments to your theme’s design.
  4. Opening Global Settings: In the Customizer, click on the ‘Global’ option. These settings affect the overall functionality and appearance of your site.
  5. Selecting Misc Options: Navigate to ‘Misc’ within the Global settings. This area lets you manage miscellaneous features of your site.
  6. Toggling Smooth Scroll To ID: Look for the ‘Smooth Scroll To ID’ option. Here, you can enable or disable the smooth scrolling effect for links that navigate to specific IDs on the same page. Turning this feature on will create a smooth scrolling effect, while turning it off will result in a direct jump to the section.
  7. Publishing Your Changes: After adjusting the ‘Smooth Scroll To ID’ setting as desired, click ‘Publish’ to save your changes and apply them to your website.

You have now successfully enabled or disabled the ‘Smooth Scroll to ID’ feature on your Astra-themed WordPress site. This customization can impact how users navigate and experience your site, with smooth scrolling offering a more fluid and visually pleasing transition between sections. Consider your overall page design and user preference when deciding whether to use this feature.