How To Disable ZipWP AI Assistant In Spectra

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  1. Accessing WordPress Backend: Log into your WordPress site’s backend. This is where you control and customize all aspects of your website.
  2. Navigating to Spectra Settings: In your WordPress dashboard, look for ‘Spectra’ (or a similar name) in the left-hand menu bar. Click on it to access the settings specific to the Spectra plugin.
  3. Accessing AI Features: Within the Spectra settings, find and click on a tab or section labeled something like ‘AI Features’ or ‘Advanced Features’. The exact name may vary.
  4. Managing AI Features: Look for an option like ‘Manage AI Features’, ‘Feature Settings’, or ‘AI Assistant Settings’. Click on this to access the specific settings for AI-related functionalities.
  5. Disabling the AI Assistant: Within the AI feature settings, locate the option for the ZipWP AI Assistant or a similarly named feature. There should be a toggle, checkbox, or dropdown menu that allows you to disable or enable this feature. Change the setting to disable it.