How To Enable/Disable Shrink Effect Sticky Header – Header Builder Astra Theme

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The shrink effect on a sticky header can add a dynamic and modern touch to your website. It causes the header to reduce in size as users scroll down, creating a sleek and space-efficient navigation bar. If you’re using the Astra theme for your WordPress site, you can easily enable or disable this shrink effect on the sticky header through the Header Builder. This feature is useful for enhancing the user experience while ensuring that the header doesn’t occupy too much screen space as users navigate your site. This guide will demonstrate how to toggle the shrink effect for the sticky header in the Astra theme.

  1. Access WordPress Dashboard: Begin by logging into your WordPress backend. This is your central hub for managing all aspects of your WordPress website.
  2. Navigate to Astra Theme Settings: On your dashboard, find and click on the ‘Astra’ option in the left menu bar. This will lead you to the Astra theme settings.
  3. Enter Theme Customizer: In the Astra settings, locate and click on the ‘Go to Customizer’ button or link. This will open the WordPress Customizer, where you can make live adjustments to your theme.
  4. Open Header Builder: Inside the Customizer, find and select ‘Header Builder’. The Header Builder is an integral part of the Astra theme, allowing you to customize your site’s header.
  5. Click on Sticky Header: In the Header Builder, locate and click on the ‘Sticky Header’ option. This is where you can manage settings for the sticky header.
  6. Toggle Shrink Effect: Find the ‘Enable Shrink Effect’ option within the sticky header settings. Change this setting to enable or disable the shrink effect as per your preference.
  7. Publish Your Changes: After adjusting the shrink effect setting, click on the ‘Publish’ button to save and apply these changes to your live website.

Enabling or disabling the shrink effect on the sticky header in your Astra-themed WordPress site can greatly enhance the navigation experience for your users. It adds a professional and modern feel to your site, ensuring that the header remains functional without overwhelming the page content. Remember to preview your changes across different devices to ensure the effect works seamlessly and enhances your site’s usability.