How To Enable/Disable Show All Player Names During Match Football Manager 2024

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In the strategic world of Football Manager 2024, knowing your players’ positions and movements is crucial for making real-time decisions. The option to show all player names during matches provides an additional layer of clarity, allowing you to monitor each player’s actions closely. However, some managers might prefer an unobstructed view of the pitch for a cleaner visual experience. Whether you’re a manager who relies on visual cues or someone who appreciates a minimalistic view, setting this feature to your liking can enhance your matchday experience.

  1. Initiate Football Manager 2024: Launch Football Manager 2024 and find yourself at the main screen, the heart of your football management journey.
  2. Proceed to Preferences: From the main screen, click on ‘Preferences’. This section is your control panel, where you can customize the game’s settings to fit your management style and preferences.
  3. Access Advanced Settings: Within Preferences, click on the ‘Advanced’ tab. Here, you’ll find a more detailed array of settings, providing you with greater control over how you experience the game.
  4. Select All Options: Ensure you select the ‘All’ option in the advanced settings. This action broadens your access to all customizable features, allowing for comprehensive personalization of your game.
  5. Adjust Player Name Display Setting: Locate the ‘Show All Player Names During Match’ option. You’ll have two straightforward choices:
    • Off: Choose this if you prefer not to have player names displayed during matches, offering a less cluttered view of the pitch and players.
    • On: Select this to display all player names during matches, providing an easy way to track each player’s position and movement on the pitch.
  6. Confirm Your Selection: After deciding on your preference, click ‘Confirm’ to save your settings. Your matches will now reflect your choice, either showing player names for easy identification or not displaying them for a cleaner, more unobstructed view of the action.

With the ‘Show All Player Names During Match’ feature set to your preference, your Football Manager 2024 matchdays are now perfectly tailored to your viewing style. Whether you’re monitoring your players’ positions closely or enjoying the beauty of the game without additional on-screen information, your game is optimized to deliver a matchday experience that’s just right for you. Enjoy the game your way, and lead your team to glory, backed by a setup that perfectly aligns with your managerial approach!