How To Enable/Disable Scroll To Top Astra Theme

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The ‘Scroll to Top’ feature is a convenient tool for website visitors, allowing them to quickly return to the top of the page after scrolling down. This feature can enhance user experience, especially on pages with long content. In the Astra theme for WordPress, enabling or disabling the ‘Scroll to Top’ feature is a straightforward process. This guide will show you how to toggle this feature, allowing you to customize your site according to your visitors’ needs.

  1. Accessing WordPress Backend: Begin by logging into your WordPress site’s backend. This is where you manage your website’s settings and content.
  2. Navigating to Astra Settings: In your WordPress dashboard, locate and click on ‘Astra’ in the left-hand menu. This section is dedicated to settings specific to the Astra theme.
  3. Entering Theme Customizer: Click on ‘Astra’, then choose ‘Customizer’ or ‘Go to Customizer’. The Theme Customizer allows you to adjust various aspects of your theme’s design.
  4. Opening Global Settings: In the Customizer, click on the ‘Global’ option. These settings affect the overall layout and design of your site.
  5. Selecting Scroll To Top Options: Navigate to ‘Scroll To Top’ within the Global settings. Here, you can manage the settings for the ‘Scroll to Top’ feature.
  6. Toggling Enable Scroll to Top: Look for the ‘Enable Scroll to Top’ option. Here, you can enable or disable the ‘Scroll to Top’ feature. Enabling it will display a button that users can click to quickly scroll back to the top of the page, while disabling it will remove this feature.
  7. Publishing Your Changes: After adjusting the ‘Scroll to Top’ setting as desired, click ‘Publish’ to save your changes and update your website.

You have now successfully enabled or disabled the ‘Scroll to Top’ feature on your Astra-themed WordPress site. This adjustment can improve the navigation experience for your users, making it easier for them to access content at the top of your pages. Be sure to consider your website’s layout and content length when deciding whether to use this feature.