How To Enable/Disable Save On Travel Starfield

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Embarking on an interstellar journey in Starfield is an experience filled with discovery, adventure, and strategic decision-making, not least of which includes how you manage your game saves. An essential feature to consider is the ‘Save on Travel’ option. This guide is meticulously crafted to assist you in effortlessly enabling or disabling the ‘Save on Travel’ feature in Starfield, allowing you to customize your gameplay experience to suit your style—be it seeking the convenience of automatic saves or preferring the control of manual save management.

  1. Initiate Your Space Adventure: Start by opening the main screen of Starfield. This is your command center for launching into the game and adjusting settings.
  2. Access the Settings Panel: On the main screen, find and click on the ‘Settings’ option. This is where you can tailor various aspects of your gaming experience.
  3. Head to Gameplay Options: Within the Settings menu, locate and select ‘Gameplay.’ This section contains key settings that impact how you play the game.
  4. Modify Save on Travel: In the Gameplay settings, search for the ‘Save on Travel’ option. Here, you have the power to toggle the feature according to your preference. The available settings include:
    • On: Choose this to enable automatic saving when your character travels. It’s ideal for players who want peace of mind, knowing their progress is saved as they explore new locations.
    • Off: Opt for this to disable the automatic saving feature during travel, giving you the freedom to manage saves manually. Perfect for those who prefer full control over their save points and game progression.

Whether you choose to enable or disable the ‘Save on Travel’ feature in Starfield, you’re customizing your gaming journey to fit your unique playstyle. These simple steps provide you with the flexibility to decide how your adventures are saved, ensuring your exploration of the cosmos is as seamless and personalized as you desire. Embark on your Starfield expedition with confidence, knowing that your save preferences are set just the way you like them!