How To Enable/Disable Mute In Background Enshrouded

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Playing Enshrouded can be an immersive experience, but there are times when you might need to multitask or shift focus away from the game. In such instances, the ‘Mute in Background’ option becomes incredibly useful. This setting allows you to control whether the game’s sound continues to play or is muted when you switch to a different window or application. This guide will explain the simple steps to enable or disable the ‘Mute in Background’ feature in Enshrouded, ensuring that your gaming experience aligns with your multitasking needs.

  1. Start at the Enshrouded Main Screen: Open Enshrouded to access the main screen. This is your central hub for all settings and adjustments within the game.
  2. Enter the Settings Menu: On the main screen, look for the ‘Settings’ option, often represented by a gear or cog icon. Click this to open the main settings menu where you can customize various aspects of the game.
  3. Go to Sound Settings: In the settings menu, locate and select the ‘Sound’ option. This section allows you to manage different audio settings, including music volume, voice volume, and special sound features.
  4. Toggle the Mute in Background Setting: Within the Sound settings, find the ‘Mute in Background’ option. Here, you will have two simple choices:
    • Off: Keeping this option off means that the game’s sound will continue to play even when you switch to another window or application. This is useful if you want to keep listening to the game’s audio cues or soundtrack.
    • On: Enabling this option will mute the game’s sound whenever it is not the active window. This is ideal for minimizing distractions or when you need to focus on other tasks without closing the game.
    Choose the option that best suits your multitasking habits and gaming preferences.

Adjusting the ‘Mute in Background’ setting in Enshrouded is a quick and efficient way to manage your gaming experience, especially when juggling other tasks. Whether you prefer to keep the game’s sound on for continuous immersion or need silence to concentrate on other activities, this guide helps you customize the audio settings to your liking. Remember, personalizing your gaming experience is key to enjoying Enshrouded to its fullest.