How To Enable/Disable Hero Voice Naraka Bladepoint

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Diving into the mystical and action-packed world of Naraka: Bladepoint, the hero’s voice is a key element that adds depth and personality to your gaming experience. However, there are times when you might want to silence these voices for a more focused gameplay or enable them to enjoy the full character immersion. This guide provides an easy and efficient way to enable or disable the hero voice in Naraka: Bladepoint, giving you control over your auditory experience in the game. Let’s go through the steps to make this adjustment.

  1. Open the Game: Start by launching Naraka: Bladepoint. Once the game is up and running, you’ll be greeted by the main screen, the central hub for your in-game adjustments.
  2. Head to Settings: Look towards the top right corner of the main screen to find the settings icon, typically depicted as a gear or cog. Click on this icon to access the game’s settings.
  3. Enter the Settings Menu: In the settings window, you’ll see a variety of options to customize your gameplay. Click on the “Settings Menu Point” to proceed to the detailed settings area.
  4. Select Audio Options: Within the settings menu, find and select the “Audio” tab. This section is dedicated to all the audio controls of the game, including sound effects, background music, and voice settings.
  5. Toggle Hero Voice Option: In the Audio settings, look for the “Hero Voice Toggle” option. Here, you can easily switch the hero’s voice on or off, depending on your preference at the moment.

With these simple steps, you now have the power to enable or disable the hero voice in Naraka: Bladepoint at your convenience. Whether you’re looking for a quieter gaming environment or want to fully engage with the hero characters, this guide ensures you’re just a few clicks away from tailoring the game’s audio to your liking. Enjoy your gaming sessions with the perfect balance of sound that suits your style!