How To Enable/Disable Distant Objects Enshrouded

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In Enshrouded, the ‘Distant Objects’ setting plays a crucial role in defining how objects far from the player are rendered, impacting both the visual depth and overall performance of the game. Whether you’re looking to enhance the realism of distant sceneries or optimize your game for better performance, tweaking this setting can make a significant difference. This guide will assist you in enabling or disabling the ‘Distant Objects’ option in Enshrouded, allowing you to customize your visual experience to match your preferences.

  1. Open Enshrouded Main Screen: Start by launching Enshrouded on your device. Once the game is open, you’ll be at the main screen, which is the control center for all settings.
  2. Click on Settings: From the main screen, locate and select the ‘Settings’ option. Here, you can modify various aspects of your game, from controls to audio and display settings.
  3. Access Display Settings: In the Settings menu, find and click on the ‘Display’ option. This section houses settings related to the game’s visual elements.
  4. Locate the Distant Objects Option: Scroll through the display settings to find the ‘Distant Objects’ option. This feature determines the rendering quality of objects that are far away in the game’s environment.
  5. Choose Your Preferred Setting: There are several options for Distant Objects:
    • Off: Disables the detailed rendering of distant objects, which can improve performance, especially on lower-spec systems.
    • Performance: Optimizes distant object rendering for better game speed, slightly reducing the detail.
    • Balanced: Strikes a balance between rendering quality and performance.
    • Quality: Provides the highest level of detail for distant objects, enhancing visual realism but potentially impacting performance.

Customizing the ‘Distant Objects’ setting in Enshrouded allows you to enjoy the game in a way that suits your system’s capabilities and your personal preferences. Whether you’re after a visually rich environment or a more performance-focused setup, these steps will help you achieve your desired gaming experience. Dive back into Enshrouded with the perfect settings for an immersive and smooth adventure!