How To Craft Tropical Outfit In Palworld

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The Tropical Outfit in Palworld is a crucial piece of clothing that provides protection against extreme heat, allowing you to safely explore hot regions like the desert. Crafting this outfit requires specific materials and a bit of crafting expertise. This guide will walk you through the process of obtaining the necessary resources, crafting the outfit, and using it effectively.

Gathering Resources:

  1. Cloth: Gather 3 units of Cloth, which can be obtained by harvesting Plant Fibers at various locations throughout Palworld. Plant Fibers are often found near trees, bushes, and other vegetation.
  2. Flame Organ: Acquire 2 units of Flame Organ, which can be obtained from defeating Fire-type Pals. These Pals primarily inhabit volcanic areas and hot zones. Some common Fire-type Pals include Volpecula, Flamyre, and Vulpix.

Crafting the Tropical Outfit:

  1. Unlock the Schematic: Reach Level 9 in the Technology Tree to unlock the Tropical Outfit Schematic. This schematic provides the instructions for crafting the outfit.
  2. Access a Workbench: Locate a Workbench, a crafting station found in various settlements, ranches, and even outdoors. Interact with the Workbench to initiate the crafting process.
  3. Craft the Outfit: Once the resources are positioned correctly, interact with the crafting button or press the designated key to start the crafting process. The Tropical Outfit will be produced within a few seconds.

Using the Tropical Outfit:

  1. Equip the Outfit: After crafting the Tropical Outfit, head to your character’s inventory and select the outfit. Drag and drop it onto your character’s body to equip it.
  2. Benefits of the Outfit: The Tropical Outfit grants a significant heat resistance buff, reducing the damage you take from extreme heat sources. This protection is particularly valuable when exploring hot environments like deserts or volcanic areas.
  3. Stay Cool: Equip the Tropical Outfit whenever you plan to venture into hot regions. The heat resistance will ensure you remain protected from the scorching temperatures and can explore comfortably.
  4. Manage Resources: Maintain a supply of Flame Organs in your inventory to craft more Tropical Outfits as needed. You may need to replace worn-out outfits or have spares for multiple Pal trainers.
  5. Combine with Other Armor: You can combine the Tropical Outfit with other armor pieces for additional protection. This can be particularly useful when exploring areas with mixed temperatures, providing protection from both heat and cold.

By following these steps and tips, you can successfully craft and utilize the Tropical Outfit effectively in Palworld, allowing you to navigate hot environments without overheating and enjoying the game’s diverse regions to the fullest.

Crafting Cost:

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