How To Craft Polar Bear Armor In ICARUS

Polar Bear Armor is the upgrade from Fur armor and u have to learn before you can craft it. You have to craft a textiles bench to craft the armor and you will learn it in Tier 2 in the Tech Tree, which also means that you have to be level 20 to learn it. Exceptional resistance to cold. Lighter than fur, with more protection. You need this armor if you are living in a cold area.

If you have a full set, it will give you a bonus of +6% cold resistance, +10% movement speed in the arctic, and +10% hp regen in the artic.

Polar Bear Head Armor6 x Leather
15 x Polar Bear Pelt
8 x Rope
Polar Bear Chest Armor10 x Leather
20 x Polar Bear Pelt
6 x Rope
Polar Bear Arms Armor6 x Leather
8 x Polar Bear Pelt
4 x Rope
Polar Bear Legs Armor 8 x Leather
18 x Polar Bear Pelt
8 x Rope
Polar Bear Feet Armor 6 x Leather
14 x Polar Bear Pelt
4 x Rope

If you have a full set of Polar Bear Armor it attributes:

ArmorPhysical ResistanceCold ResistanceHeat Resistance
Polar Bear Head Armor+ 6+ 3%– 1%
Polar Bear Chest Armor+ 16+ 8%– 2%
Polar Bear Arms Armor+ 3+ 1%0
Polar Bear Legs Armor+ 14+ 5%– 2%
Polar Bear Feet Armor+ 3+ 2%0
Full set+ 42+ 19%– 5%