How To Craft Metal Armor In Palworld

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Metal armor is a mid-tier defensive equipment set in Palworld, offering significant protection against physical attacks. It’s a crucial upgrade from leather armor, providing a noticeable boost in survivability, especially against tougher enemies. Additionally, metal armor comes in two variants:

  • Regular Metal Armor: Offers balanced protection against all damage types.
  • Heat/Cold-Resistant Metal Armor: Provides additional protection against either heat or cold damage, but slightly lower overall defense.

Gather Resources:

  • 30 Metal Ingots: The most crucial component. Mine iron ore and smelt it in a furnace to obtain ingots. Early on, focus on iron, but later, consider stronger metals like titanium for enhanced armor.
  • 10 Leather: Obtained by skinning various animals like boars and wolves. Ensure you have a tanning rack to process hides into leather.
  • 5 High-Quality Cloth: Fabricated from regular cloth using a loom. Gathering cotton or harvesting silk cocoons provides the base material.

Build the Metal Armor:

  • Head to a High-Quality Workbench. These are typically found in towns or settlements.
  • Open the crafting menu and locate the metal armor blueprint. You might need to acquire the schematic first, either through exploration, defeating enemies, or completing quests.
  • Ensure you have enough of each resource. If not, the option to craft will be greyed out.
  • Craft the armor set. This takes some time, so be patient!

Additional Tips:

  • Upgrade your tools and workbench: Higher-tier tools and workbenches can decrease crafting time and potentially offer bonuses to the final product’s quality.
  • Consider heat/cold resistance: Depending on the area you’re exploring, crafting the heat or cold-resistant variant might be more beneficial.
  • Enchant your armor: Once you have the Enchanting skill, you can enhance your armor further with various elemental resistances or stat boosts.
  • Pair your armor with other equipment: Don’t forget to equip a weapon, helmet, and other defensive gear for well-rounded protection.

By following these steps and tips, you’ll be crafting and utilizing metal armor effectively in Palworld, keeping your Pals safe and ready for any challenge!

Crafting Cost:

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