How To Craft Leather Armor In ICARUS

Leather armor is one of the first armor you can craft in the game. But u have to learn it before you can craft it. You have to craft a textiles bench to craft the armor and you will learn it in Tier 2 in the Tech Tree, which also means that you have to be level 15 to learn it. Improvements in protection and resistance over Cloth Armor.

If you have a full set, it will give you a bonus of +1 Health & Stamina Regen.

Leather Head Armor40 x Fiber
12 x Leather
Leather Chest Armor60 x Fiber
24 x Leather
Leather Arms Armor40 x Fiber
8 x Leather
Leather Legs Armor60 x Fiber
18 x Leather
Leather Feet Armor12 x Leather
Full set200 x Fiber
174 x Leather

If you have a full set of Leather Armor it attributes:

ArmorPhysical ResistanceCold ResistanceHeat ResistanceExposition Resistance
Leather Head Armor+4+3%-1%+2%
Leather Chest Armor+8+7%-2%+3%
Leather Arms Armor+2+1%0+2%
Leather Legs Armor+6+5%-2%+3%
Leather Feet Armor+2+2%0+2%