How To Craft Large Toolbox In Palworld

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Crafting the Large Toolbox in Palworld opens up new possibilities for building and construction. This guide will walk you through the process, offer additional tips, and explore the benefits of using this valuable tool.

Materials Required:

  • 40 Ingots: These can be crafted from ores found in the world.
  • 100 Wood: Gather wood from trees or purchase it from lumberyards in settlements.
  • 15 Nails: Crafted from Iron Ingots, nails are essential for holding the toolbox together.

Crafting the Large Toolbox:

  1. Access the Crafting Menu: Open your crafting menu (B) and navigate to the “Crafting” tab.
  2. Select the “Tool” category: This should display all craftable tools, including the Large Toolbox.
  3. Find the Large Toolbox recipe: Look for the icon or name and check the required materials.
  4. Craft it! Ensure you have enough of each resource, then click “Craft” to begin construction. The crafting time will depend on your character’s crafting skill.

Additional Tips:

  • Upgrade your Workbench: A higher-tier workbench reduces crafting time significantly. Invest in upgrades as you progress.
  • Repairing the Toolbox: The Large Toolbox has durability and will degrade over time. Use a Repair Hammer and metal materials to fix it.

Benefits of Using the Large Toolbox:

  • Increased Building Speed: The Large Toolbox grants a significant boost to your construction speed, making large projects less time-consuming.
  • Improved Durability: Buildings constructed with the Large Toolbox are generally more durable than those built with basic tools.
  • Unlocks Advanced Recipes: Crafting the Large Toolbox opens up access to more complex building recipes, expanding your construction options.
  • Shared Benefits: Pals equipped with the Large Toolbox also benefit from its construction speed bonus.

Crafting Cost:

Large Toolbox Palworld