How To Craft Cement In Palworld

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Cement in Palworld is a crucial building material, unlocking the ability to construct stronger, more durable structures for your base and crafting advanced items. This versatile resource not only enhances your defense but opens doors to creative expression and strategic gameplay.

Unlocking the Craft:

  • Reach Player Level 19: This unlocks the Cement recipe in the Technology tree. Prioritize Technology Points early to reach this level quickly.
  • Build a High Quality Workbench: Available at Level 11 in the Technology tree, this is essential for crafting Cement.

Gathering Resources:

  • Stones (x50): Abundant in the wild. Use a Stone Pickaxe (crafted at Level 5) for efficiency. Consider building a Stone Pit (Level 7) for automated collection. Pals like Digtoise and Astegon excel at mining.
  • Bones (x1): Obtained from defeating Rock-type Pals like Rush Ore or Vixi. Alternatively, purchase them from shops or trade with other players.
  • Pal Fluids (x1): Defeat water-type Pals like Fuack or Pengullet, found near oceans or coasts. Capture and release them for repeated fluid collection.

Crafting Cement:

  • Head to your base and interact with the High Quality Workbench.
  • Select the “Craft” option and locate the Cement recipe.
  • Input the required resources: 50 Stones, 1 Bone, and 1 Pal Fluid.
  • Craft the Cement.

Additional Tips:

  • Farming Resources:
    • Build dedicated stations for efficient resource accumulation. Use Stone Pits for Stones and Water Collectors (Level 30) for Pal Fluids.
    • Capture Pals with relevant skills to boost resource gathering. Aim for high Mining for Stones and Gathering for Pal Fluids.
  • Bulk Crafting:
    • Stock up on resources to craft Cement in larger quantities, saving time and effort.
    • Utilize Pals with high Handiwork skills to accelerate the crafting process.
  • Cement Uses:
    • Construct stronger and more durable buildings for your base.
    • Create defensive structures like walls and towers to protect against enemy attacks.
    • Craft a variety of advanced items and equipment.
    • Improve the aesthetics of your base with decorative structures made from Cement.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Consider using Fertilizer (crafted at Level 24) on Stone Pits to increase Stone yield.
  • Explore capturing and breeding Pals specifically for resource gathering with desired traits.
  • Experiment with different building designs and materials to personalize your base.

By following these tips and mastering Cement production, you’ll be well on your way to building a thriving and secure Palworld empire!

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