How To Craft Hide Armor In Ark Survival Evolved

How to get hide in Ark?

You can craft Hide armor as the second clothes in Ark. You need to find fiber and hide to craft it. Fiber is a resource that can be found in plants by hand and hide can be found by harvesting corpses. Hide armor is okay to use for simple protection and give 20 armor from each piece, but I will recommend better armor if you are attacking animals.

The best way to get hide from corpses is to use a metal hatchet or a pickaxe. You also use hide too many other things like gasoline, saddles, weapons, and other armor.

A Complete Hide set will cost 33 fibers and 82 hides and it will give 100 armor and provides -25 heat protection and 85 cold protection. You can be lucky and find the hide armor in the green supply crate.

A complete hide armor set will be:

Hide shirt – Hide gloves – Hide pants – Hide boots – Hide hat

Hide ArmorCrafting Cost:Required level:DurabilityArmor
Shirt20 Hide
8 Fiber
Gloves10 Hide
4 Fiber
Pants25 Hide
10 Fiber
Boots12 Hide
5 Fiber
Hat15 Hide
6 Fiber