How To Craft Heater In Palworld

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The Heater in Palworld is a craftable structure that provides warmth in cold areas, helping you and your Pals survive harsh environments.

Gathering Resources:

  • 20 Ingot:
    • Mine Stone and smelt it in a Furnace to get Iron Ingots.
    • Alternatively, mine Copper and Tin, smelt them into Copper Ingots and Tin Ingots, then combine them in a Forge to create Bronze Ingots.
    • You can also purchase Ingots from traders.
  • 10 Charcoal:
    • Gather Wood and burn it in a Campfire to produce Charcoal.
    • Buy Charcoal from traders if collecting resources feels tedious.
  • 5 Flame Organ:
    • Defeat fire-type Pals like Foxparks, Rooby, or Arsox. They have a chance to drop Flame Organs.
    • Alternatively, you can dissect captured fire-type Pals (not recommended due to ethical concerns).

Building the Heater:

  1. Open the Crafting Menu (press “B” by default).
  2. Navigate to the “Furniture” tab.
  3. Find the “Heater” recipe and select it.
  4. Ensure you have the required resources (20 Ingot, 10 Charcoal, 5 Flame Organ) in your inventory.
  5. Click “Craft” to build the Heater.

Additional Tips:

  • Placement: Position the Heater indoors for maximum effectiveness. Walls and a roof will help trap the heat.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Assign a Pal with the “Kindling” skill to the Heater for efficient fuel consumption. They’ll automatically refuel it with Charcoal.
  • Alternatives: Consider building multiple Campfires instead of a single Heater. They provide similar warmth and require less crafting effort, but might not be as aesthetically pleasing.
  • Advanced Options: Later in the game, you can unlock the “Electric Heater” blueprint. It requires more resources but doesn’t require constant refueling and provides a wider heating radius.
  • Community Resources: Check online guides and forums for specific resource locations, tips on capturing Pals, and alternative heating strategies.


  • Treat your Pals ethically and avoid unnecessary harm.
  • Explore different options and find what works best for your playstyle and resources.
  • Stay warm and have fun in Palworld!

Crafting Cost:

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