How To Craft Giga Sphere In Palworld

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Crafting a Giga Sphere in Palworld isn’t just about throwing materials into a workbench. It requires preparation, resource gathering, and a good understanding of the crafting process. Here’s an expanded guide to help you on your way:


  • Level Up: You’ll need to reach Level 20 to unlock the Giga Sphere recipe. Focus on completing quests, exploring, and capturing Pals to gain XP.
  • Build the Sphere Workbench: At Level 14, you’ll unlock the recipe for the Sphere Workbench. Gather 10 Paldium Fragments, 30 Wood, and 10 Nails to build it.

Resource Gathering:

  • Paldium Fragments: These are rare drops from higher-level Pal battles or found in treasure chests. Focus on exploring areas with strong Pals and keep an eye out for chests, especially in abandoned buildings or dungeons.
  • Ingots: Smelt Iron Ore in a Furnace to create Iron Ingots. 
  • Wood and Stone: These are basic resources gathered by chopping trees and mining rocks.

Crafting the Giga Sphere:

  1. Head to the Sphere Workbench: Once you have all the materials and you’re Level 20, interact with the Sphere Workbench.
  2. Select the Giga Sphere Blueprint: Choose the Giga Sphere blueprint from the crafting menu.
  3. Craft it!: Ensure you have enough resources and confirm the crafting process.

Additional Tips:

  • Stockpile Resources: It’s wise to gather more materials than you need for a single Giga Sphere, as you’ll likely want more in the future.
  • Explore Alternative Methods: Consider purchasing Giga Spheres from other players or searching for them in hidden locations or special events.
  • Use Giga Spheres Wisely: Giga Spheres are valuable for capturing high-level or powerful Pals. Don’t waste them on weak creatures!
  • Upgrade Your Spheres: Later in the game, you can unlock recipes for even better Spheres, like the Hyper Sphere and Ultra Sphere.

Bonus Tip: Keep an eye out for areas with powerful wild Pals. Defeating them might reward you with Giga Spheres or other valuable loot!

Crafting Cost:

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