How To Craft Cloth Armor In ICARUS

Cloth Armor is the starting armor that u have to learn before you can craft it. It cost 5 blueprints to unlock all pieces of the armor and you have to craft a textiles bench to craft it. If you have a full set, it will give you +5% movement speed.

All the pieces are crafted from fibers and you can see the overview here:

Cloth Head Armor80 Fiber
Cloth Chest Armor120 Fiber
Cloth Arms Armor80 Fiber
Cloth Legs Armor120 Fiber
Cloth Feet Armor40 Fiber
Full set:440 Fiber

It is very easy to find fiber, you only need your hands and then farm the bushes, u can find it everywhere and u going to need it for many things.
The In-game description of fiber is A bundle of soft fiber, highly useful.

If you have a full set of Cloth Armor it attributes:

ArmorPhysical ResistanceCold ResistanceHeat Resistance
Cloth Head Armor+ 2+ 1%+ 1%
Cloth Chest Armor+ 4+ 2%+ 1 %
Cloth Arms Armor000
Cloth Legs Armor000
Cloth Feet Armor+ 1+ 1%+ 1%
Full Armor Set:+ 7+ 4%+ 3%