How To Craft A Seed Collector In Palia?

Seed Collector Palia

The Seed Collector in Palia is a crucial piece of equipment for any aspiring gardener, enabling the sustainable production of seeds from fully grown crops. To unlock this valuable tool, you’ll need to reach Gardening Level 2. This can be achieved by diligently tending to your crops, harvesting them at the appropriate stages, and ensuring their overall health.

Once you’ve reached Gardening Level 2, you can venture to Badru’s Gardening Guild Store in Leaf Hopper Hills, a bustling hub for horticulture enthusiasts. Within the store’s confines lies the Seed Collector Blueprint, waiting to be purchased for a mere 100 Gold.

Gathering the Materials:

The Seed Collector isn’t crafted from mere dreams and aspirations; it demands the tangible contribution of specific materials. To bring this contraption to life, you’ll need to procure the following:

  1. 10 Sapwood Planks:
    • These sturdy planks are derived from the felled branches of Sapwood Trees, which are abundant in the lush forests of Palia. Engage in lumberjack activities to gather an abundance of Sapwood Planks.
  2. 5 Copper Bars:
    • The gleaming Copper Bars are forged from the fiery embrace of Copper Ore, a mineral that can be unearthed from various locations across the land. Seek out Copper Ore deposits and smelt them to obtain the necessary Copper Bars.
  3. 5 Ceramics:
    • These durable ceramics are crafted from the transformation of malleable Clay, a material found in abundance around lakes and rivers. Collect Clay from these sources and fire it to create the required Ceramics.
  4. 5 Plant Fiber:
    • These versatile fibers are extracted from the stalks of various plants, particularly those found in the vicinity of farms and meadows. Gather Plant Fiber from these sources to ensure you have the necessary quantity.

Crafting the Seed Collector:

With the acquired materials in hand, it’s time to put your crafting skills to the test. Open your Crafting Menu and locate the “Recipe: Seed Collector.” Carefully examine the blueprint and drag the required materials into the designated crafting slots. Once all materials are accounted for, click the “Craft” button to transform your hard-earned resources into the coveted Seed Collector.

Strategic Placement on Your Farm:

After the triumphant completion of the crafting process, the Seed Collector awaits its rightful place on your farm. Open your Inventory and carefully drag the Seed Collector onto the desired location within your cultivated plot. The Seed Collector will now become a permanent fixture on your farm, ready to serve as a beacon of sustainable gardening practices.

Harnessing the Power of Seed Production:

With the Seed Collector firmly established on your farm, you’ve unlocked the ability to generate seeds from fully grown crops. To utilize this transformative tool, simply gather a bountiful harvest and deposit it into the Seed Collector’s hopper. The Seed Collector will diligently process the harvested crops, transforming them into a generous supply of seeds.

The Seed Collector’s versatility extends beyond ordinary crops. Star Quality Crops, those imbued with exceptional traits, can also be processed, yielding Star Quality Seeds. These premium seeds hold the potential to produce even higher-quality crops, further enhancing your horticultural endeavors.

The Seed Collector represents a significant stride towards self-sufficiency in your gardening pursuits. By eliminating the need to constantly purchase seeds from the General Store, you’ll save a considerable amount of gold while ensuring a steady supply of resources to fuel your gardening aspirations. With the Seed Collector by your side, you’re well on your way to becoming a master gardener in the delightful world of Palia.

Seed Collector In Palia