How To Craft A Mixing Station In Palia?

Mixing Station Palia

The Mixing Station in Palia is a crucial tool for aspiring chefs who wish to delve into the intricacies of crafting delectable dishes. Unlike the basic Campfire and Stove, the Mixing Station caters to more sophisticated recipes that involve combining various ingredients to create unique flavors and culinary experiences.

As you progress through the Cooking skill tree, unlocking the Mixing Station becomes an essential milestone. It opens up a world of new recipes, allowing you to experiment with a wider range of ingredients and techniques, elevating your culinary repertoire to new heights.

To craft a Mixing Station in Palia, you will need:

  • Reach Cooking level 3.
    • This can be done by cooking a variety of dishes. Cooking can be started by the quest given by Reth, which starts near the central plaza.
  • Purchase the Mixing Station recipe from Reth.
    • This can be done by interacting with Reth and purchasing the recipe for 50 Cooking Medals. Cooking Medals are earned by leveling up Cooking, completing weekly challenges, or purchasing them from Reth for gold.
  • Gather the necessary ingredients.
    • Sapwood Planks can be made by refining Sapwood at any Sawmill. Copper Bars can be made by refining Copper Ore at any Smelter. Fabric can be made by refining Cotton at any Loom. Cotton Seeds can be purchased from Zeki’s General Store in Palia, and Cotton itself can be purchased from Badruu’s Produce Store in Palia. The Loom recipe can be acquired from Tish in Palia.
  • Open your Crafting Station.
    • Your Crafting Station can be found in your house or by interacting with any Crafting Totem. These are typically found around the world or can be purchased from Reth for gold.
  • Select the Mixing Station recipe from the list of available recipes.
    • This will bring up a crafting window with the ingredients required and a crafting progress bar.
  • Place the ingredients into the Crafting Station.
    • The ingredients will be automatically added to the Crafting Station when you select the recipe. They will also be removed from your inventory.
  • Craft the Mixing Station.
    • Click on the “Craft” button to begin crafting the Mixing Station. The Mixing Station will be placed in your inventory once it is finished crafting.
Mixing Station