How To Change Screen Mode Palworld

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Adjusting the screen mode in Palworld can significantly impact your gameplay experience. Whether you prefer the immersive full-screen mode or the convenience of a windowed setting, changing the screen mode is a simple yet effective way to tailor the game to your liking. This guide will provide you with easy-to-follow steps to change the screen mode in Palworld, ensuring a comfortable and personalized gaming environment.

  1. Open Palworld Main Screen: Begin by launching Palworld. Once the game has loaded, you’ll find yourself on the main screen, which is your starting point for making adjustments.
  2. Go to the Options Menu: Look for the ‘Options’ button on the main screen. This button is typically located in the main menu. Click on ‘Options’ to access the various settings of the game.
  3. Access Graphics Settings: In the Options menu, find and click on the ‘Graphics’ tab. This is where all the visual and display settings are located.
  4. Locate the Screen Mode Option: Within the Graphics settings, look for the ‘Screen Mode’ option. Here you will have the following choices:
    • Full Screen: This option allows the game to take up your entire screen, offering an immersive experience.
    • Windowed: Selecting this will let the game run in a window, which can be useful if you need to multitask or prefer a smaller display.
  5. Select Your Preferred Screen Mode: Choose between ‘Full Screen’ and ‘Windowed’ based on your preference. The game will either fill the entire screen or run in a windowed mode based on your selection.

Switching between full screen and windowed mode in Palworld is a quick and easy process that can greatly affect your comfort and enjoyment of the game. By following these simple steps, you can customize your gaming experience to match your personal preference, ensuring you get the most out of your time in the exciting world of Palworld.