How To Change Reflections Quality Enshrouded

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Reflections in Enshrouded play a vital role in enhancing the game’s visual appeal and realism. Adjusting the Reflections Quality can transform your gaming experience, offering a spectrum from balanced performance to maximum graphical fidelity. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in a more realistic world or seeking to optimize game performance, tweaking the Reflections Quality is key. This guide will walk you through the steps to modify Reflections Quality in Enshrouded, enabling you to enjoy the game your way.

  1. Open Enshrouded Main Screen: Launch Enshrouded on your device. The main screen is your hub for all game settings and adjustments.
  2. Navigate to Settings: On the main screen, locate and select the ‘Settings’ option. This is where you can customize your game experience, including audio, controls, and display settings.
  3. Access Display Settings: In the Settings menu, click on the ‘Display’ option. This section focuses on settings that affect the game’s visual elements.
  4. Find the Reflections Option: Look for the ‘Reflections’ setting within the display options. This feature controls the quality and realism of reflective surfaces in the game.
  5. Select Your Preferred Quality: Choose from the available Reflections Quality options:
    • Balance: This setting provides a middle ground, offering decent reflection quality without heavily impacting game performance.
    • Quality: A step up from Balance, this option enhances the reflections for a more realistic visual experience.
    • Max. Quality: The highest setting available, offering the most detailed and realistic reflections, ideal for high-end systems.

Customizing Reflections Quality in Enshrouded allows you to enhance your gaming experience, striking the perfect balance between stunning graphics and smooth gameplay. Whether you prefer a visually rich environment or a more performance-focused setup, these steps enable you to tailor the game to your preferences. Dive back into Enshrouded and enjoy a visually captivating world with your ideal reflection settings!