How To Change Product Shop Columns Astra Theme

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The layout of your product catalog is a key factor in providing an optimal shopping experience for your customers. Adjusting the number of columns in your shop can help you achieve the right balance between visual appeal and functionality. The Astra theme for WordPress, when integrated with WooCommerce, offers flexibility in customizing the shop columns to suit different screen sizes, including desktops, tablets, and phones. This customization can enhance the user interface and ensure your products are displayed effectively. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change the shop columns in the Astra theme.

  1. Access WordPress Backend: Begin by logging into your WordPress site to access the dashboard. This is the central area for managing your website’s content and settings.
  2. Navigate to Astra Settings: In the left-hand menu of your dashboard, locate and click on ‘Astra’. This section provides access to the settings of the Astra theme.
  3. Enter Theme Customizer: After selecting ‘Astra’, go to ‘Go to Customizer’. The WordPress Customizer is a real-time editing tool that allows you to make changes to your theme and see them in action.
  4. Access WooCommerce Settings: Within the Customizer, find and click on ‘WooCommerce’. This part is dedicated to customizing the WooCommerce aspects of your site.
  5. Go to Product Catalog: Click on ‘Product Catalog’ within the WooCommerce settings. This area focuses on the layout and design of your product listings.
  6. Adjust Shop Columns: Look for the ‘Shop Columns’ option in the Product Catalog settings. Here, you can set the number of columns for your product shop. Additionally, to customize the layout for different devices like tablets and phones, simply change the device preview and adjust the columns accordingly.
  7. Publish Changes: Once you are satisfied with the column settings for all devices, click ‘Publish’ to apply these changes. This will update the column layout in your WooCommerce product catalog.

You have now successfully customized the number of columns in your product shop using the Astra theme for WooCommerce on your WordPress site. This change can make your online store more visually appealing and user-friendly, adapting seamlessly across different devices. A well-organized product display is crucial in providing a smooth shopping experience and can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and sales.