How To Change Pal Stamina Reduction Rate Palworld

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The Pal Stamina Reduction Rate in Palworld is a critical setting that influences how quickly your Pals’ stamina depletes during activities. This rate affects how often your Pals need to rest or recover, impacting your strategy for exploration, combat, and other activities. Adjusting this rate can help tailor the game to your preferred gameplay style, whether you enjoy a more leisurely pace with less frequent rest breaks or a more challenging experience with more strategic stamina management. This guide will show you how to adjust the Pal Stamina Reduction Rate in your Palworld game world.

  1. Open Palworld Main Screen: Start your Palworld adventure by launching the game. Once the main screen is displayed, you’re ready to begin customizing your settings.
  2. Click on Start Game: On the main screen, find and click the ‘Start Game’ button. This will bring up a list of your game worlds.
  3. Select Your World: Choose the world where you wish to change the Pal Stamina Reduction Rate. Ensure you’re selecting the correct world if you have multiple saves.
  4. Click Change World Settings: After selecting your world, click the ‘Change World Settings’ option. This opens the settings menu for that specific world.
  5. Click Custom Settings: In the world settings menu, go to ‘Custom Settings’. Here, you’ll find advanced customization options, including the Pal Stamina Reduction Rate.
  6. Locate the Pal Stamina Reduction Rate Option: Find the ‘Pal Stamina Reduction Rate’ option within the Custom Settings. You can set this rate between 0.1 and 5, where:
    • Lower values (closer to 0.1): Decrease the rate at which Pal stamina reduces, allowing them to be active for longer periods without needing rest.
    • Higher values (up to 5): Increase the rate of stamina depletion, requiring more frequent breaks and careful stamina management.
  7. Adjust the Rate: Select a value that suits your gameplay style. If you prefer extended periods of activity without needing to rest your Pals often, go for a lower value. For a more challenging and strategic experience, choose a higher value.
  8. Click OK: After choosing your desired Pal Stamina Reduction Rate, remember to click ‘OK’ to save and apply your changes.

Customizing the Pal Stamina Reduction Rate in Palworld lets you control the pace of your gameplay, influencing how you manage your Pals during various activities. Whether you seek a relaxed journey or a more demanding adventure, adjusting this rate can significantly enhance your experience.