How To Change Music Volume Starfield

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The auditory landscape of a game like Starfield is a vital component of the overall experience. The music in particular plays a key role in setting the tone and atmosphere of your interstellar journey. Adjusting the music volume allows you to balance the immersive soundtrack with other game elements according to your preference. Whether you want the music to be a prominent part of your adventure or more of a subtle background element, this guide will help you modify the music volume in Starfield to your liking.

  1. Open Starfield Main Screen
    Begin your exploration of the cosmos by starting Starfield. Once the game is up, the main screen will be your hub for adjusting various settings.
  2. Click on Settings
    On the main screen, locate and select the ‘Settings’ option. It’s typically represented by a gear icon or can be found in the main menu.
  3. Then Click on Audio
    After accessing the settings menu, proceed to the ‘Audio’ section. This area allows you to customize different aspects of the game’s sound.
  4. Locate the Music Volume Option and Change It
    In the Audio settings, find the ‘Music Volume’ option. This control lets you adjust the volume of the game’s music.
    Between 0% to 100%: Slide the music volume control to your preferred level. A lower percentage reduces the volume for a more subdued soundtrack, while a higher percentage allows the music to play more prominently in your gaming experience.

Tailoring the music volume in Starfield lets you set the perfect auditory backdrop for your space adventure. Whether you’re immersing yourself in the full orchestral score or focusing more on the game’s environmental and dialogue sounds, adjusting the music volume ensures that your journey through the stars is accompanied by a soundtrack that suits your personal taste and style.