How To Change Display Mode Remnant 2

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As you delve into the post-apocalyptic world of Remnant 2, ensuring that your visual settings are optimized is key to a fully immersive experience. The game’s Display Mode setting plays a crucial role in this, affecting how the game appears on your screen and interacts with your desktop environment. Whether you’re navigating through intense battles or exploring the game’s rich environments, choosing the right display mode can enhance your focus, performance, and overall enjoyment of the game.

  1. Launch Remnant 2: Begin your adventure by opening Remnant 2. Once you’re at the main screen, you’re just a few steps away from optimizing your display settings.
  2. Navigate to Settings: From the main screen, find and click on ‘Settings’. This is where you can adjust the game’s settings to enhance your gameplay experience.
  3. Open the Video Tab: Within the Settings menu, click on the ‘Video’ tab. This section contains settings that specifically affect the game’s visual aspects, including the display mode.
  4. Adjust Display Mode: Look for the ‘Display Mode’ option. Here, you’ll have three choices to select from, each offering a different viewing experience:
    • Windowed: Choose this mode if you prefer the game to run in a window. This mode is great for multitasking, allowing you to easily switch between the game and other applications.
    • Fullscreen: Select this mode for an immersive experience. Fullscreen mode dedicates the entire screen to the game, which can enhance focus and potentially improve performance.
    • Windowed Fullscreen: Opt for this mode if you want a combination of both worlds. Windowed Fullscreen runs the game in a borderless window that fills the entire screen, allowing for easy alt-tabbing without the performance hit that sometimes comes with traditional windowed mode.
  5. Confirm Your Selection: After choosing your desired display mode, click ‘Confirm’ to apply your changes. Your game will now switch to the selected display mode, optimizing your visual experience according to your preference.

With the Display Mode now set to your preference, you’re ready to fully immerse yourself in the world of Remnant 2. Whether you’re battling fierce enemies in fullscreen, managing your inventory in windowed mode, or enjoying the best of both worlds with windowed fullscreen, your game is now perfectly set up to match your personal style and preferences. Dive back into the action and explore the rich, post-apocalyptic world of Remnant 2, your way!