How To Change Cart Label – Header Builder Astra Theme

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For e-commerce websites, the cart label is a small but significant element that communicates essential information to customers. Customizing the cart label to better suit your website’s tone and style can enhance user experience and clarity. If your WordPress site utilizes the Astra theme, altering the cart label is a straightforward process using the Header Builder. This customization can help ensure that your site’s shopping cart is both functional and aligned with your brand identity. This guide will show you how to change the cart label in the Astra theme.

  1. Access WordPress Dashboard: Start by logging into your WordPress backend. This area serves as the central hub for managing your website’s settings and content.
  2. Navigate to Astra Theme Settings: In your dashboard, look for the ‘Astra’ option in the left-hand menu bar. Clicking this will take you to the Astra theme’s settings.
  3. Enter Theme Customizer: Inside the Astra settings, find and click on the ‘Go to Customizer’ button or link. This action opens the WordPress Customizer, where you can make live edits to your theme.
  4. Open Header Builder: In the Customizer, locate and select ‘Header Builder’. The Header Builder is a powerful tool in the Astra theme that allows you to customize your site’s header in detail.
  5. Access Cart Settings: Click on ‘Cart’ within the Header Builder. Ensure the cart module is already added to your header, as this setting will not be visible otherwise.
  6. Change Cart Label: Find the ‘Cart Label’ option in the cart settings. Change this to your desired label that best communicates with your audience or suits your website’s design.
  7. Publish the Changes: Once you have set the new cart label, click on the ‘Publish’ button. This will save your changes and update the cart label on your live website.

Modifying the cart label in your Astra-themed WordPress site is a subtle but impactful way to tailor your e-commerce experience to your brand and audience. A clear and well-designed cart label can improve navigation and comprehension for your customers, potentially enhancing their shopping experience. Remember to preview your changes on different devices to ensure the label is effectively displayed and contributes to the overall usability of your site.