How To Change Cart Icon – Header Builder Astra Theme

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In an e-commerce website, the cart icon is a crucial element that guides customers through the shopping process. Customizing the cart icon to better match your website’s style and branding can enhance the overall user experience. If you’re using the Astra theme on your WordPress site, you have the flexibility to change the cart icon easily through the Header Builder. This guide will provide you with the necessary steps to customize the cart icon in the Astra theme, ensuring it aligns with your site’s design and enhances the shopping experience.

  1. Log Into WordPress Backend: Begin by accessing your WordPress dashboard. This is the central control area for managing your site’s content and settings.
  2. Navigate to Astra Theme Settings: In the dashboard, locate the ‘Astra’ option in the left-hand menu bar and click on it. This will bring you to the settings specific to the Astra theme.
  3. Go to Theme Customizer: Within the Astra settings, find and click on the ‘Go to Customizer’ link or button. This will take you to the WordPress Customizer, a tool for making live customizations to your theme.
  4. Open Header Builder: In the WordPress Customizer, select ‘Header Builder’. The Header Builder is a feature of the Astra theme that allows you to customize various aspects of your site’s header.
  5. Access Cart Settings: Click on ‘Cart’ in the Header Builder. Ensure that the cart module is already added to your header; otherwise, this setting will not be available.
  6. Change Cart Icon: Look for the ‘Select Cart Icon’ option in the cart settings. Change this to your preferred icon that best fits the style and design of your website.
  7. Publish Your Changes: After selecting the new cart icon, click on the ‘Publish’ button. This will save your changes and update the cart icon on your live website.

Customizing the cart icon in your Astra-themed WordPress site is a simple yet effective way to refine your site’s e-commerce experience. A well-chosen icon can make the shopping process more intuitive and visually appealing, potentially leading to a better conversion rate. Always preview your changes across different devices to ensure that the new icon integrates seamlessly with your site’s design.