How To Change Button Font Weight Astra Theme

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The font weight of buttons on your website is an essential aspect of their design, influencing both aesthetics and readability. A bolder or lighter font weight can significantly change the look and feel of your buttons. If you’re using the Astra theme for your WordPress site, customizing the button font weight is a simple and effective way to enhance the visual impact of your calls to action. This guide will walk you through the steps to change the button font weight, enabling you to create buttons that are both appealing and in harmony with your site’s design.

  1. Accessing WordPress Backend: Begin by logging into your WordPress site’s backend. This is where you manage and customize your website’s settings and content.
  2. Navigating to Astra Settings: In the WordPress dashboard, locate and click on ‘Astra’ in the left menu bar. This area contains settings specific to the Astra theme.
  3. Entering Theme Customizer: Click on ‘Astra’, then choose ‘Customizer’ or ‘Go to Customizer’. The Theme Customizer is where you can make various adjustments to your theme’s design elements.
  4. Opening Global Settings: Inside the Customizer, click on the ‘Global’ option. These settings have a broad impact on the overall look of your site.
  5. Selecting Buttons Options: Go to ‘Buttons’ within the Global settings. Here, you can customize the appearance of all buttons on your site.
  6. Choosing Font Settings: Click on ‘Font’. This option will take you to the settings where you can adjust the font aspects of your buttons.
  7. Changing Button Font Weight: Look for the ‘Font Weight’ option under the Font settings. Here, you can select a new font weight for your buttons, ranging from lighter to bolder options. This change will apply to all buttons across your site, providing a consistent look.
  8. Publishing Your Changes: After selecting the desired font weight for your buttons, click ‘Publish’ to save your changes and apply them to your website.

You’ve successfully changed the font weight of the buttons on your Astra-themed WordPress site. This adjustment can make your buttons more distinctive and visually striking, enhancing the overall user experience on your site. Be sure to choose a font weight that is legible and aligns well with your site’s design theme.