How To Build Statue Of Power In Palworld

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The Statue of Power in Palworld is a crucial structure that plays a vital role in enhancing your Pal-catching abilities and expanding your Pal-collecting journey. It is a technological marvel that harnesses the power of the Pals themselves to boost your Capture Force and open up new possibilities in the world of Palworld.

Step-by-step guide:

To build a Statue of Power in Palworld, you’ll need to reach Technology Level 6 and then gather the necessary materials. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Reach Technology Level 6: You can increase your Technology Level by completing quests, catching Pals, crafting items, and defeating bosses. Each level requires a certain amount of EXP, and you’ll need to reach Level 6 to unlock the Statue of Power recipe.
  2. Unlock the Statue of Power Recipe: Once you’ve reached Technology Level 6, open the Technology tree from the main menu. The Statue of Power recipe is located in the Pal section, under Ancient Technology (it’s now considered a regular Technology item). It costs 1 Technology Point to unlock the recipe.
  3. Gather the Materials: The Statue of Power requires 20x Stone and 10x Paldium Fragments to build. Stone can be found by mining ore deposits around the world, while Paldium Fragments can be obtained from mining Paldium nodes or defeating certain enemies.
  4. Build the Statue of Power: With the recipe unlocked and the materials gathered, open your Build Wheel and select the “Pal” section. The Statue of Power will be among the available items. Place the Statue of Power anywhere in your base.
  5. Use the Statue of Power: Once built, you can interact with the Statue of Power to improve your Capture Force. This increases the level cap for Pals you can capture and the maximum number of Pals you can have in your party.

The Statue of Power is a valuable tool for raising your Pal-catching capabilities and expanding your Pal-collecting endeavors in Palworld. Remember to gather the necessary materials and unlock the recipe to start enhancing your Capture Force and Pal-catching adventures.

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