How To Build Berry Plantation In Palworld

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Building a Berry Plantation in Palworld is a straightforward process that involves a few key steps.

  1. Unlock the Berry Plantation Technology: Make sure you have reached Level 6 in the Technology Tree and have enough Technology Points. You can earn Technology Points by completing quests, exploring the world, and capturing Pals.
  2. Obtain Red Berry Seeds: Red Berry Seeds can be found by harvesting Red Berry bushes in the world. These bushes are typically located near water sources. Once you have the seeds, head back to your base.
  3. Construct the Berry Plantation: The Berry Plantation is a building that can be constructed by interacting with the Construction Menu. Place the Berry Plantation in a clear area near your base.
  4. Plant the Red Berry Seeds: Use the Berry Plantation to plant your Red Berry Seeds. The plantation will automatically water and care for the plants.
  5. Harves the Berries: The Red Berries will grow and ripen over time. Once they are fully grown, you can harvest them using your Pals.
  6. Automate the Berry Farm: You can automate the berry farm by assigning Pals to specific tasks. For example, you can assign a Gunmos Pal to plant the seeds, a Pengullet Pal to water the plants, and a Cattiva Pal to harvest the berries.

Tips for building a Berry Plantation in Palworld:

  • Keep the Berry Plantation watered: Ensure the Berry Plantation is always watered by assigning a Pengullet Pal to the task. This will help the plants grow faster and produce more berries.
  • Harves the berries regularly: Don’t let the berries ripen too much, as they will start to decay. The berries will still be edible, but they will not provide as much nutrition.
  • Use the berries to cook food: Red Berries are a valuable source of food in Palworld. You can use them to cook a variety of dishes that will provide your Pals with much-needed nutrients.

Enjoy your berry farm!

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