How To Adjust Shadows Quality PUBG Battlegrounds

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Adjusting the shadows quality in PUBG Battlegrounds can significantly affect both the game’s visual appeal and performance. Shadows play a crucial role in rendering a realistic and immersive environment, but they can also be demanding on your system’s resources. By tweaking the shadows settings, you can find a balance between visual fidelity and game performance. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you modify these settings.

  1. Open PUBG Battlegrounds Main Screen: Launch PUBG Battlegrounds and wait for the main screen to load. This is the primary interface you see after the initial game startup.
  2. Access System Menu: On the top right corner of the main screen, look for the settings icon. This is the System Menu, which is your gateway to the game’s settings. Click on this icon.
  3. Enter Settings: In the System Menu, you will find an option labeled ‘Settings’. Click on this to access the game’s comprehensive settings menu.
  4. Navigate to Graphics Settings: Within the settings menu, find and select the ‘Graphics’ tab. This section is dedicated to adjusting various graphical elements of the game.
  5. Proceed to Advanced Settings: For more detailed graphical customizations, click on the ‘Advanced’ button. This will reveal a range of additional graphical settings.
  6. Change Shadows Setting: In the advanced settings, locate the ‘Shadows’ option. Here, you can select the desired quality of shadows. Options typically range from very low to ultra, allowing you to choose how detailed and realistic you want the shadows in the game to appear.
  7. Apply Your Changes: Once you have chosen your preferred shadow quality, click on the ‘Apply’ button to save your settings. Your new shadow settings will now be in effect in the game.

Adjusting the shadows quality in PUBG Battlegrounds can enhance your gaming experience by making the environment more lifelike. However, it’s essential to consider that higher shadow quality can demand more from your system, potentially impacting game performance. Experiment with different settings to find the right balance that provides a good visual experience without compromising on smooth gameplay. Enjoy your more visually rich PUBG Battlegrounds experience!