How To Adjust Minimap Size Remnant 2

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Embark on your journey through the intricate world of Remnant 2 with an interface tailored to your preferences. A crucial component of navigating this rich, post-apocalyptic landscape is the minimap, a small yet significant tool that offers guidance and spatial awareness. Whether you prefer a compact guide or a more prominent display of your surroundings, adjusting the minimap size can greatly enhance your exploration and combat strategy. This guide will walk you through the steps to modify the minimap size, ensuring your navigational aid is just right for your adventure.

  1. Enter the World of Remnant 2: Begin your adventure by opening the Remnant 2 main screen. Feel the anticipation build as you prepare to customize your gameplay experience.
  2. Access the Settings: Click on the ‘Settings’ option from the main menu. This hub is your gateway to adjusting various game aspects to match your style.
  3. Navigate to Gameplay Options: Within the settings, find and select the ‘Gameplay’ tab. This section allows you to refine your interaction with the game’s mechanics and visual components.
  4. Locate and Adjust the Minimap Size Option: Search for the ‘Minimap Size’ setting. This feature enables you to scale the size of the minimap, offering a range of visibility that caters to your needs. The adjustable scale includes:
    • 0 (Minimum): Setting the minimap size to the lowest will minimize its presence on your screen, offering a less intrusive and more immersive visual experience. This is ideal for players who rely less on the minimap and prefer a larger view of the game’s environment.
    • 100 (Maximum): Choosing the maximum size ensures that the minimap is prominently displayed, providing a clear and detailed overview of your immediate surroundings. This setting is perfect for players who prioritize navigational aids and want to maximize their spatial awareness.

Slide the scale between these values to find the minimap size that best complements your exploration and combat strategies.

Once you’ve chosen the minimap size that suits your preference, simply exit the settings. Your new setup will be saved automatically, allowing you to continue your quest in Remnant 2 with a customized navigational tool. Enjoy the game with a minimap that aligns with your approach, enhancing your awareness and mastery of the game’s intricate world.