How Show/Hide Center Dot Crosshair THE FINALS

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In first-person shooters like THE FINALS, fine-tuning your crosshair settings can greatly enhance your aiming accuracy and overall gaming experience. One such feature is the “Center Dot” on the crosshair, which can be either a helpful aiming tool or a visual distraction, depending on your personal preference. Whether you want to add an extra point of reference for precision shots or prefer a cleaner sight without the dot, adjusting this setting is straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Launching the Game: Begin by opening THE FINALS. After the game starts, wait for the main screen to fully appear. This is your starting point for accessing and modifying game settings.
  2. Accessing the Settings Menu: On the main screen, look for the settings icon, typically located in the top right corner and represented by a gear or cog symbol. Click on this icon to open the settings menu, where you can adjust various aspects of the game.
  3. Entering the Main Settings Area: After clicking the settings icon, a new menu will appear. In this menu, locate and click on the “Settings” option. This will lead you to the main settings area, where you can customize different elements of your gameplay.
  4. Navigating to Gameplay Settings: Inside the Settings menu, find and select the “Gameplay” option. This section is designed for settings that directly influence your in-game experience, such as controls, interface options, and crosshair customization.
  5. Adjusting the Center Dot Setting: In the Gameplay settings, look for the “Center Dot” option. This might be represented by a checkbox or a toggle switch. Change this setting according to your preference. Enabling it will show the center dot on your crosshair for better aiming precision, while disabling it will hide the dot for a clearer view.

Customizing the “Center Dot” setting on your crosshair in THE FINALS allows you to tailor your aiming experience to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a precise aiming point or a minimalist crosshair, this setting provides the flexibility to adapt to your preferred style. Remember, you can always revisit these settings to switch your preferences according to different game scenarios or as your playstyle evolves.