Braining: Tricky Test Guess Who? Level 61-70 Answers

Level 61 – What did the man order?
– Try to place each drink in front of the man, Answer: Coffee

Level 62 – Help the woman get on the train.
– Move the train to the left and place the woman in the next door

Level 63 – Which woman is a mother?
– Tap on each bag and find the baby stuff

Level 64 – Help Thor win!
– Tap on the cloud, so the hammer gets electricity

Level 65 – Save the girl!
– Take the bucket and remove the water from the boat and then place the cork

Level 66 – Find all the tattoos.
– Tap on each tattoo, also the one behind the beard

Level 67 – Which car is the fastest?
– Tap on each screen to see the time, Answer: A

Level 68 – we must save this relationship!
– Make it a full heart

Level 69 – Which one is married?
– Try to give the woman a drink, Answer: A

Level 70 – Which one is a mermaid?
– Answer: B

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