Braining: Tricky Test Guess Who? Level 41-60 Answers

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Level 41 – Who is lying?
– Tap on the bracelet on the man and the woman, Answer: A

Level 42 – Who is lying?
– Take the wig of one of the moms

Level 43 – Save the man from the heat!
– Take the cloud over the sun

Level 44 – Who is lying?
– Tap on the woman’s lip and the kiss on his cheek, Answer: B

Level 45 – Which one is a robot?
– Try to remove the skin from the hands

Level 46 – Who is his girlfriend?
– Click on the phone and call her

Level 47 – Who is his girlfriend?
– Drag the man in front of each woman to find the girlfriend

Level 48 – Which one is married?
– Click on the ring, Answer: A

Level 49 – Find the cheater!
– Remove the scarf from the man and check the woman’s bag

Level 50 – Who is married?
– Tap on each phone, Answer: B

Level 51 – Save the girl!
– Take the axe and destroy the door, then take the scissors and cut the rope

Level 52 – Which bucket has a toy duck inside?
– Turn your phone down

Level 53 – Who is not poor?
– Tap on woman’s phone, man watch and the man’s tablet, answer: C

Level 54 – Which one is the werewolf?
– Take the sun out of the picture

Level 55 – Where is the prince?
– Take the frog behind the stones, and place him in the princess’s hand

Level 56 – Who is the alien?
– Turn the light off

Level 57 – Who is the prisoner?
– Click on the newspaper, Answer: C

Level 58 – Who is poor?
– Tap on the discount card in the refrigerator, Answer: B

Level 59 – Who is the vampire?
– Tap on the bat behind the tree

Level 60 – Help the woman.
– Take the shovel and digg in the ground to find the meat bone for the dog

Braining: Tricky Test Guess Who? Level 41-60 Answers