Braining: Tricky Test Guess Who? Level 71-90 Answers

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Level 71 – Save them before the drop!
– Turn the shop around

Level 72 – The show must go on!
– Turn your phone down

Level 73 – Catch the cheater!
– Close the door, to find the cheater

Level 74 – Find the imposter.
– Turn each head the other way, Answer: C

Level 75 – Where is the thief?
– Behind the curtain

Level 76 – Help the couple get warm.
– Place more wooden sticks on the fire

Level 77 – Catch the cheater!
– Take the key and open the door

Level 78 – Who is married to a vampire?
– Tap on the blood bag in the purse, Answer: A

Level 79 – Which one is Cinderella?
– Move the time on the clock

Level 80 – Who is the mother of the child?
– Tap a few times on the child to find the mother

Level 81 – Who is lying?
– Tap on the white shirt in the laundry basket

Level 82 – Save the man!
– Move to the left to see the lifeguard

Level 83 – Which hairdresser is the safest option?
– Click on the sharp teeth, the glasses, and then number A is safest

Level 84 – Which one is human?
– Try to take the mask on each person

Level 85 – Who is pregnant with a vampire baby?
– Take the glass and drag it in front of each woman

Level 86 – Find the hidden objects.
– Comb – behind the dog
– Sausage – in the right corner
– House – under the cat in the box
– Fish – in the garbage

Level 87- Save the woman!!
– Drag the two men together and give the key to the woman

Level 88 – Which is a couple?
– Tap on the tickets in the man’s pocket

Level 89 – Who’s on the run?
– remove the cloth on the man to the right

Level 90 – Who is hiding a prisoner?
– Remove all the dishes from the table

Braining: Tricky Test Guess Who? Level 71-90 Answers