Brain Crack Level 71-85

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Brain Crack Game Level 71-85

Level 71: Where is my ring?
– Zoom out and you will find it

Level 72: What’s the sum of the three largest numbers?
– Answer is 89

Level 73: Go home again.
– Drag the title down then you can jump over the platform

Level 74: The password is?
– Answer is 319

Level 75: Unlock it!
– Hold the key for 3 seconds to unlock

Level 76: Stop at six.
– Pay attention to the number on the clock

Level 77: What´s the perimeter of the white part?
– Answer is 92

Level 78: Which card is similar to spades K?
– Flip the card then you will know

Level 79: Make the equation true.
– -21 + 21 = 6.

Level 80: Avoid being hit within 30 seconds!
– Drag the ball out of the large area

Level 81: Find the pattern to solve the problem.
– Tap the last three circles.

Level 82: Put three figures into the right place.
– Drag the triangle into the square hole.

Level 83: Find 3 differences between two gentlemen.
– Drag the hat away

Level 84: How many tires?
– Answer is 5

Level 85: Find the thrum.
– Wipe off the lines on the surface using your finger