Brain Crack Level 56-70

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Brain Crack Game Level 56-70

Level 56: Which color has the largest proportion?
– Tap the White background

Level 57: Which one could be the 6th clock?
– Answer is E. Tap Option E

Level 58: Take out the small ball.
– Hold the big ball and turn your phone

Level 59: Heat it up!
– Press and hold the head of the thermometer

Level 60: Catch the mouse.
– Hold the cheese as bait and tap the mouse

Level 61: Can you find the `F`?
– See left down corner

Level 62: Find words: cloud – bird – peel – cat – dog – key – shoe.
– cloud: on the cloud in the background
– bird: on the bird
– peel: on the banana
– cat: on the cat
– dog: on the dog
– key: on the shirt
– shoe: on the shoe.

Level 63: We need a trashcan!
– Trash + Can. Move trash near the can

Level 64: What’s the next digit?
– Answer is 4

Level 65: Press three buttons.
– Click buttons at the right time

Level 66: If you turn the bottle upside down, how much water will be left?
– Slide 0 to 100% and click ok

Level 67: Find out the biggest number.
– Try dragging something away to find hidden cards. Answer is 101

Level 68: Clean the wall.
– Use your finger to clean the wall. Just rub the wall

Level 69: How to get rid of seasick?
– Shake your phone

Level 70: Move the equation true with one move.
– 5 + 2 = 7