Brain Crack Level 86-100

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Brain Crack Game Level 86-100

Level 86: Catch the moon.
– Pour the water into the pot and tip the bucket. A moon in the water

Level 87: Pass this level.
– Use the arrow keys and enter key to control the cursor

Level 88: How many squares?
– Answer is 15

Level 89: Shoot 5 balls to the end.
– Enlarge the circle and try to clear the way

Level 90: If A= L, BC=MN, DEF=OPO, G=R L=?
– Answer is A

Level 91: Move 3 sticks to form 5 triangles.
– See video – move the 3 sticks in the bottom

Level 92: Where is the chair?
– Tap the word Chair in the text

Level 93: Melt the ice.
– Rub the ice and it will melt

Level 94: Find the fake star.
– Try to tap those stars

Level 95: Win this game!
– Exchange the symbol so that you can use “x”

Level 96: Open it up!
– Shake your phone

Level 97: Move 3 sticks to change 5 squares into 4.
– See video – move the 2 last ones and one in the middle.

Level 98: Which letter should be put in?
– Answer is B

Level 99: Which penguin is not hungry?
– Tap the penguin whose mouth is closed

Level 100: Turn on the light!
– Rotate your device