How To Move Column On Top Of Another Divi

YouTube video
  1. Open edit with divi / Enable Visual Builder.
  2. Hover over the row its the green frame and click on settings icon.
  3. Then there is a list of the columns in that row, click the option icon on the column which you want to edit.
  4. In the design tab under the transform headline.
  5. Locate the transform translate option, if you only want to move the column in 1 direction then unlink horizontal and vertical option. Then adjust the values to move the column like you need. If the right column is not on top, then you also need to change the z-index.
  6. Click on the green checkmark to save the column.
  7. Remember to click the save button in the bottom right corner. If you cannot see it you need to click the 3 dots icon first on bottom of the page …