How To Get Pets In Lost Ark

Pets in lost ark

There are many different pets in Lost Ark. They are helping with different skills/buffs and their main skill is to auto collect loot. You can change the name of the pet by clicking on the pencil icon and then typing the new name. Pets also have some functions like pet inventory, remote storage, market, remote mail, remote repair, and gem on it, that u can use just by clicking on it.

How to get the first pet?

It is easy to get your first pet, the only thing you have to do is to complete the mission “Demons in Prideholme” in Prideholme. It is a very early quest in the game, so you can start using the effect the white bunny will give you.

Pets effects:

Offensive Effects:Defensive Effects:
Crit: +2-10%Max HP: +1-5%
Domination: +2-10%Physical Damage Reduction: +1-5%
Swiftness: +2-10%Magical Damage Reduction: +1-5%
Endurance: +2-10%Physical Defense: +2-10%
Expertise: +2-10%Magical Defense: +2-10%
Specialization: +2-20%

How to get the pets in Lost Ark?

Pet Name:How to get:
JamesCat Pet Selection Chest
LizabetCat Pet Selection Chest
NerranCat Pet Selection Chest
HelgapimHelgaia Selection Box
HelgaronHelgaia Selection Box
HelgachuHelgaia Selection Box
HelganewHelgaia Selection Box
AndreaSaphia Selection Chest
EnricoSaphia Selection Chest
FrancoSaphia Selection Chest
JoseSaphia Selection Chest
MarioSaphia Selection Chest
SimonSaphia Selection Chest
Cackling TotoikiCash Shop
Cheerful TotoikiCash Shop
Chipper TotoikiCash Shop
Happy TotoikiCash Shop
White BunnyQuest: “Demons in Prideholme”