How To Get Mounts In Lost Ark

Mounts in Lost Ark

There are many different mounts in Lost ark and some are easy to get where others are not.

How to get the first mount in Lost Ark?

To get the first mount in Lost Ark you have to follow the main campaign quests. When you complete the quest: “Town Where Light Lingers” then you can choose one of the following mounts: Dyorika Brown Horse, Loghill Black Horse, or Yudia White Horse. There are other mounts where you have to choose a color on it like the ladybug and the starting mount.

When you have chosen the mount then you have to right-click on it in your inventory.

How to ride a mount in Lost Ark?

You always have to pack your mount out, bye right-click on it in your inventory. U can drag your mount to the quick bar to fast mount up or you can press ALT+V to open the mount collection and then right-click on the mount.

A good tip is to make one of the quick bars to mounts, then you always have different mounts to chose from.

List of obtainable Mounts in Lost Ark:

Mounts: How To get:
Dyorika Brown HorseQuest “Town Where Light Lingers”
Loghill Black HorseQuest “Town Where Light Lingers”
Yudia White HorseQuest “Town Where Light Lingers”
Red LadybugQuest: “Keep Farm from Harm”
Yellow LadybugQuest: “Keep Farm from Harm”
Blue LadybugQuest: “Keep Farm from Harm”
Gray Stripe RaptorComplete The Questline: “Given in Blue”
Frost WolfComplete the Shushire main questline
Shadow WolfComplete the max rapport with Poppy in Shushire
Red Mane WolfDropped by Batuark on Forpe Island
Borea Steed40% East Luterra Adventure Tome completion
Flying NimbusQuest “Looking for the Flying Nimbus”
Dawn ChamkuriFirst Shushire quest – Then Rohendel questline
Borea Courser40% East Luterra Adventure Tome completion
Azure Moss TurtleLevel 50 – Then complete “The Turtle and the Boy”
Golden Terpeion14 Ignea Tokens – Complete 14 Adventurer Tomes 100%
Apostel50% Arthetine Adventure Tome completion
White Scarab1 Ignea Token – Complete 1 Adventurer Tome 100%
TerpeionCelebration Gift

DLC and Store Mounts:

  • Cerberus (99.99$ – ingame Store)
  • Dyorika Warhorse (Starter Packs mount)
  • Vernese Elk (1700 Royal Crystals Ingame)