How To Fix Vegas Won’t Open After Installing Ignite Pro

I recently bought the Fxhome Ignite Pro Software, after i installed it i discovered my Vegas Pro 15 wouldn’t open. I tried to reinstall Vegas 15 but i didn’t work. The i tried to install Vegas 14 and i didn’t work either.

First Vegas Pro Fix Uninstall ignite pro.

The simple fix would be to just uninstall ignite pro, and alternatively all other fxhome software. But if you want to see if you can take advantage of some of the Ignite Pro plugins in Vegas, this is not a good solution.

2nd fix.

This is what worked for me. This is a bit weird, but open up the windows settings menu. (click the windows button search settings.)

Windows 10 settings menu

Then click on time & language.

Windows settings time & language menu.

Then click on language. Change the windows display language to English (United Kingdom) (It need to be united kingdom, the other english settings wont work, i don’t know why.) Then just open Vegas and it should work.

Windows settings language

3rd fix removing OFX folder.

You can go to C:\Program Files\Common Files. Find the OFX folder, then you can rename it to OFX.old, then Vegas should start but it wont load the Ignite plugins.

Hope this helps, the 2nd fix is what worked best for me.