How To Enable/Disable Minimap Dynamic Zoom PUBG Battlegrounds

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In the fast-paced world of PUBG Battlegrounds, fine-tuning your game settings can give you a competitive edge. One such feature is the Minimap Dynamic Zoom, which allows you to adjust how the minimap zooms dynamically during gameplay. Whether you’re looking to enable it for a closer view of your surroundings or disable it for a more consistent minimap scale, this guide will walk you through the process.

  1. Open PUBG Battlegrounds Main Screen: Start by launching PUBG Battlegrounds. Once the game loads, you will be on the main screen.
  2. Access System Menu: In the top right corner of the main screen, you’ll find the settings icon. Click on this to open the System Menu, which is your gateway to various game settings.
  3. Enter Settings: Look for the ‘Settings’ option within the System Menu and click on it. This action will take you to a comprehensive settings menu covering different aspects of the game.
  4. Select Gameplay Options: Within the Settings menu, find and click on the ‘Gameplay’ section. This section contains settings that affect the mechanics and playstyle of the game.
  5. Navigate to Interface Settings: After accessing ‘Gameplay,’ proceed to the ‘Interface’ option and click on it. The Interface settings allow you to customize how you interact with the game’s user interface.
  6. Adjust Minimap Dynamic Zoom: Look for the ‘Minimap Dynamic Zoom’ setting within the Interface section. Here, you can choose to either enable or disable this feature based on your preference.
  7. Apply Changes: Once you’ve made your choice regarding the Minimap Dynamic Zoom, be sure to click on ‘Apply’ to save and implement your changes.

You’ve now successfully enabled or disabled the Minimap Dynamic Zoom feature in PUBG Battlegrounds. This customization can significantly affect how you view the map and make strategic decisions during gameplay. Remember, you can always return to these settings to make further adjustments as your gameplay style evolves. Enjoy your tailored gaming experience!