How To Enable/Disable 2D Timeline Scrolling Davinci Resolve

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DaVinci Resolve, renowned for its robust editing tools and customizable interface, allows users to tailor their editing experience to their personal workflow and preferences. A notable feature in this realm is the 2D Timeline Scrolling, which enables horizontal and vertical scrolling for a more dynamic and comprehensive view of your timeline. Whether you’re navigating a complex, multi-track project or working on a simpler task, being able to control your timeline scrolling can significantly enhance your efficiency. Here’s a straightforward guide on how to enable or disable 2D Timeline Scrolling in DaVinci Resolve.

  1. Start DaVinci Resolve: Open your DaVinci Resolve application to begin.
  2. Open Preferences: Click on ‘DaVinci Resolve’ located in the top left corner of the menu bar. From the dropdown menu, choose ‘Preferences’ to access the application’s settings.
  3. Select User Preferences: In the Preferences window, you will find various tabs for different settings. Click on the ‘User’ tab to access settings that are specific to the user experience.
  4. Go to UI Settings: Under the User preferences, locate and select ‘UI Settings’. This section holds settings related to the user interface elements of DaVinci Resolve.
  5. Find and Adjust 2D Timeline Scrolling Option: Within UI Settings, look for the ‘2D Timeline Scrolling’ option. Here, you can control the feature according to your preference:
    • Off: Choose this if you prefer traditional, one-dimensional scrolling (either horizontal or vertical). This might be suitable for simpler projects or when you want to focus on a specific aspect of your timeline.
    • On: Select this to enable 2D scrolling, allowing you to navigate your timeline both horizontally and vertically. This is especially useful for extensive projects with numerous tracks, as it provides a quicker and more intuitive way to move through your timeline.

Mastering the nuances of your editing software can vastly improve your productivity and the quality of your work. By enabling or disabling 2D Timeline Scrolling in DaVinci Resolve, you can optimize your navigation through complex projects, making your editing process more efficient and intuitive. Follow these simple steps, and adapt your DaVinci Resolve interface to suit your unique editing style and project needs.